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Jewelry is one of the most intimate and precious accessories we possess.Therefore, understanding how to take care of our jewelry items is of greatimportance. How you take care of and protect your jewelry can make a worlddifference to its beauty and can allow you to keep your heirlooms sparkling forgenerations to come after.

Polish off small blemishes now and then

Get a polishing cloth for your jewelry items if you don’t have onealready. Use the cloth to polish off any fingerprints and dust from the pieces.We recommend you polish off fingerprints and other small blemishes from time totime. This will help to keep your jewelry shining and will make them alwayslook new.

Be careful with heat and light

Just like the sun’s harmful rays can damage our skin, similarly, lightand heat can affect the durability and color of a gemstone. Over time, and ifin excess, light and heat can fade or damage some gemstones, such as kunzite,amethyst, topaz, etc. Furthermore, pearls and other delicate materials, i.e.ivory, can get bleached under extreme exposure to light. Gemstones like ambercan darken over time when exposed to too much light.

Take your jewelry off when...

Do not wear your jewelry to bed. This makes complete sense because whenwe go to sleep with our jewelry on, chains have a high chance to get tangled,and this might scratch, damage, or even break the pieces. When you wash hands,shower, or do a workout, take your jewelry off for sure. Whenever you’re incontact with water or any chemical, we recommend you to not wear your jewelryat the time. We also recommend you apply your beauty products, such as alotion, perfumes, hairspray, and all other cosmetics before you wear thejewelry.

Storing your jewelry like it deserves to

Storing your jewelry properly is a tip that is most often overlooked.Your jewelry gets scratched and damaged when you randomly toss it into a draweror pile them over one another. Instead, store your jewelry items in a pouch andwhen traveling, in a traveling pouch. Keep a separate jewelry box to avoidtangling, scratching, and oxidation of the products. Furthermore, it is veryimportant to mention to not keep your jewelry in bathrooms and other humidareas, as the extra moisture will cause metals to tarnish even more quickly.

These are some tips that can help you take better care of your jewelry.Your jewelry items are precious and so take care of them more and store them ina proper space that is designated for the purpose. Try to keep it away from anychemicals or extra exposure to heat and light.