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To try to be more mindful about how much you spend and on what, is agood habit, but even better is to spend on sustainable clothing. There is onething that can’t be overlooked but often goes neglected. The piles of clothesin our cupboards, which are only there to gather dust. You know- the ones younever liked or got from somewhere as a gift or some that no longer fit you.Apart from trying to spend consciously, we also encourage you to take one stepahead, which is to repurpose your old clothing. All you need are some quick andhandy ideas, and we’ve got them right here for you.

Cotton shirts as makeup removing pads

Do you have some cotton shirts lying around in the cupboard, which youno longer wear? Don’t throw them away! There’s so much that can be done withthose pieces and one of these is to use these as makeup removing pads. Just trycutting some equal-sized rounds or even squares will do. Sew these together onthe outer edges. These do not have to necessarily look nice- they should onlybe good enough to be able to endure all the machine washing. After removing allthe makeup you’ve used, you can pop them up in the machine and use them againafter washing.

Old clothes as food wraps

Foils and plastic wraps are too cliches. Anytype of clothing that you have but don’t know what to do with, can be put to excellentuse by using it as a wrap for your food. Take a piece of fabric of the desiredshape and size, along with beeswax pastilles or grated beeswax. Simply melt thebeeswax in a measuring cup set in a saucepan. Add in jojoba oil, and pine resinto give your cloth a customizable texture. Apply the melted mixture evenly onyour fabric with the use of a paintbrush. Completely dry your wrap up before thefirst usage and then keep all the sandwiches and other eatables covered!

Using old clothing to make accessories

This particular tip is quite in around us. You can do it too! Watchamazing tutorials present online or on Youtube and create wonderful-lookingfashion accessories from old clothing items. You can easily make headbands,bracelets, ties, slippers, necklaces, belts, and much more. This doesn’t justrecycle your old clothing items but also allows you to reuse them with styleand by keeping the latest fashion trends in mind.

Tees as reusable bags for grocery

You can upcycle your old tees by turning them into grocery bags for foodshopping or even harvesting. Why should one bother to buy a handbag at the shopwhen they are so easy to make at home, and that too with the help of alreadypresent resources. Pop in your fruits and vegetables in self-made bags to savemoney and along with that avoid the use of single-use plastic bags. Your fruitsmight just taste better after coming out from an ecologically sustainable bag!

Swap clothing items with family and friends

Last, but not least: Sharing is the most beautiful act of caring. Itmight sound cheesy but that’s what the reality is. What you don’t like anymore,or what doesn’t fit you any longer, might be a treasure for someone around you.So, try inviting your family and friends for a clothing swap, and let everyonebring what they can spare from their wardrobes.

These were just a few ideas from a stream of endless ways one canrepurpose his clothing items. Always keep in mind that small life changes speakthe loudest. Upcycling and repurposing the clothes we once loved and wore is agreat contribution towards sustainable living.