DamnDeal - The New Way Of Smart Shopping

DamnDeal is a platform which allows you to sell and buy products with crypto DAMN Token

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10 Billion

Total Supply



How to Buy DAMN Token

Token Network

Damndeal Deployed on BEP20(BSC) Chain network you can buy damndeal with BNB & BUSD tokens

Available on Pancake Swap V2

Through the Pancakeswap you can buy the DamnDeal token easly.

Watch Live Coin Chart

Watch coin chart activities on Poocoin Charts. On the Poocoin you can watch live chart

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Android Mobile Application Available on PlayStore

We launched our platform on Playstore & on the way to launching on Appstore. Here you can buy any product at cheap price. World wide shipping available

  • Search What you need
  • Our Team is upgrading the platform for crypto features
  • Every one can sell their products on our marketplace
  • Easy & User Friendly interface

DamnDeal Distribution

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Circulation Supply 2 Billion DAMN
Other Exchanges 2 Billion DAMN
Burn Events 2 Billion DAMN
Marketing 1.5 Billion DAMN
Team 2 Billion DAMN
Charity Donation 500 Million DAMN

Our Vision

Well qualified team & Damndeal has the ability to make your future shining.

DamnDeal Online Store

November 2016

In the Starting DamnDeal is just a e-commerce website but with the time it comes bigger and advanced.


December 2018

Damndeal added the feature for the users to open their own store and sell items on Damndeal.com

Crypto Token Idea

January 2021

Technical & Stratergy for DamnDeal Token Launch

DAMN Token on Blockchain

June 10, 2021

Damndeal Launching 10 Billion Crypto Token on Binance Smart Chain

IOS & Android App

July 2021

We are launching upgraded version of Damndeal on Playstore(Android) and AppStore(IOS)

Introducing Magic Club

September 2021

Magic club is our very unique way to make money parallelly while you spend money to buy products from our platform.

Business Partners

October 2021

In future we are going to invite small businesses such as physical retail store and all service providers across the globe to join our magic club.

Burn Event

November 2021

We will Burn our some tokens in November to rises the token price

Major Exchanges

December 2021

Listing on Major Exchange Like Binance & CoinBase

Opening Physical Store & ATMs

May 2022

Opening Physical Damndeal Stores Worldwide

Genuine quality at adequate price

All products of your everyday need will be available on our platform at adequate price

Sell Your Products

You can open Selling Store at Damndeal which gives you the ability to Sale your products with Damndeal Token

User friendly dashboard

Our dashboard empowers you to handle inventory and sales in the most simplified way.

1% Burn on Each Transaction

Until Total Supply reaches 4 Billion

Helping our communities

It is our duty to grow as one world here at damndeal. We are dedicated to contribute a portion of our profits to a noble cause by helping NGO’s and non profit organizations that work towards betterment of humanity.


Cryptographic and crypto currencies have emerged as digital alternatives to the other traditional methods of exchange, such as cash and credit cards. Damndeal takes immense pride in initiating its very own crypto currency - $Damn coin, which users can use all around the world to shop and much more. With the recent upsurge in the value of Bitcoin, crypto currency has been recognized as a viable investment, which surrounds itself by block chain technology. It has many positive impacts on the wallets and the various trading practices of investors, worldwide. We’ll be taking a closer look at some of the many other benefits of investing in $Damn coin.


You must have experienced how traditional dealings, especially those of business, with agents and legal representatives etc., have significant complications revolving around them and are always way more than how a straightforward transaction should look like. These dealings involve brokerage fees, complicated paperwork, commissions and a number of various special conditions that may apply.

One of the key advantage of using $Damn coin is that like all other crypto currencies, it’ll be a one-to-one affair, that’ll take place on a peer-to-peer networking structure. This greatly cuts out the middle man practice. You can actually achieve greater clarity with the use of our $Damn coin during audits, with less confusion and greater accountability.

Greater Access to Credit

The Internet and the Digital data transfer are the media that facilitate the exchange in crypto currency. These services are easily available to anyone who has a viable data connection, some knowledge with relevance to crypto currencies on the offer and an access to their relevant portals and websites. With $Damn coin you will be a part of the crypto currency ecosystem that holds great potential to make asset transfer and processing easier.

Individual Ownership

Traditional banking and credit card systems, there are third parties involved that can exercise the power of life and death over your valuable assets. Your account may be closed without notice for infringement of some financial Terms of Service, requiring you to go through a number of hoops to get yourself back into the system. One of the greatest advantages of $Damn coin is that, unless you’ve delegated management of your wallet to a third party service, you really are the sole owner of the corresponding private as well as public keys that make up your crypto currency network address and identity.

Strong Security

$Damn coin provides you with a hedge against any forms of fraud, as we require you to make a specific agreement with the seller with regards to funds in the case of any mistake or returns policy. Furthermore, the strong encryption techniques employed in the development of $Damn coin provide a safeguard against different forms of fraud, account tampering, and guarantees more consumer privacy.

While there are numerous advantages of investing in $Damn coin, these were some of the most important ones. Invest in $Damn coin and make shopping, transactions and savings a much easier and not-so daunting task. Become a part of the global change that’s taking everything by storm and setting new trends.

Meetup awesome team

We have members in our team from different countries with unique talent.


Project Manager & CEO


Technical Department Head


Marketing Department Head